We can do this.

During a pandemic, or any crisis, is living without fear possible? Or even advisable? Experts say we can respond more effectively, as individuals and as a society, if we’re not being driven by panic. And research indicates that even our health is more assured and resilient when our thinking is characterized by qualities such as calm and optimism.

The question is, how do we achieve that helpful, healthful sense of calm when fear is banging on our mental door? 

The following recorded talks, given by Christian Science lecturers, offer some fresh ideas on living now without fear.

Finding Your Immunity From Disease (Updated May 1, 2020)
By Michelle Nanouche, CSB

Stranger, You Are the Guest of God
By Heloisa Rivas, CSB

Forasteiro, Tu Ès o Hóspede de Deus
Por Heloisa Rivas, CSB

The Law of Harmony in Christian Science Healing
By Josh Niles, CSB

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Two magazines, the Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel, have collected a group of articles that address the pandemic with a comforting spiritual perspective. You can access these articles without a subscription.

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